Our Team



Doug Ballinger

Co-Founder, CEO

Doug is a member of the founding team at Brandly. He leads our effort to develop new technologies that unleash brands from high- and multi-touch workflows that stand between brands and the products they order every day. Outside of work, he loves the outdoors and hanging out with family and friends.

  • Founder, PageDNA, Web-to-Print
  • Founder, Metagraphics, Prepress
  • 15 years in commercial print & prepress
  • Graduated B.A. from Stanford University in 1981

Tony Schmidt

Lead Software Engineer

Tony has been managing and building software since 2000, from the days of Pearl/CGI/MySQL, to PHP/MVC/JQuery, to his current favorite tool-set of Python/Django + testable JS frameworks and AMQP networked services. Tony wants be productive in every part of the application and believes technical team-members should share and learn from each other as much as possible. No dev is an island.

  • Previous work at: Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, Excelisys, Washington Mutual
  • Education: Hochschule Furtwangen University

Reed Matheny

Product Manager

Reed joined the founding team as Brandly’s Product Manager in May of 2014. He bridges product development and market insights to ensure that Brandly meets the graphic communication needs of as many organizations as possible. Outside of work, he loves reading fiction and playing music.

  • 3 years experience in product management
  • Previous work in post-acute healthcare software and education
  • Graduated M.A. from Stanford University in 2011

Saaj Parikh

Business Analyst

Originally from Maryland, Saaj is a recent college graduate and now a Bay Area transplant. Prior to Brandly, he worked at an investment consulting firm down in the peninsula. He enjoys everything the Bay Area has to offer: soccer, avocados, and Netflix.

  • Experience in finance and accounting
  • Previous: Cambridge Associates, RBS Citizens
  • Education: Boston College