The Top 10 Gusto Integrations for Small Businesses in 2021

The Top 10 Gusto Integrations for Small Businesses in 2021

Starting a business is never a simple task. Many small business owners find it challenging to manage normal business operations, like HR, payroll, and employee benefits (in addition to everything else!) Luckily, there is a helpful solution for modern businesses to expertly and effectively manage their business operations. It’s called Gusto—”the all-in-one people platform”.

What is Gusto?

Illustration of the benefits of Gusto HR and Payroll Software


Gusto is essentially your very own HR platform with tools to set up and manage your small business team. When your business starts growing and you need some extra help, Gusto has monthly plans that fit any size business. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from different Gusto plans:

  • Full-service payroll
  • Health benefits
  • Certified HR experts
  • Time tracking
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Employee finance tools

Gusto even integrates with accounting and business software you might already use to manage your employees and payroll. Keep reading to find out some of the most popular (and useful!) Gusto integrations, plus some sweet incentives to join.

What are Gusto Integrations?

Gusto connects with a variety of applications that many small businesses use, including accounting and payroll software like Quickbooks, or time tracking software like Tsheets. This makes it easier to manage all the aspects of your business from one central platform.

Want to learn more about how Gusto can help your business? There are dozens of applications that integrate with Gusto, so we sorted through to find the ones with the best utility and promotions available for small businesses. Here’s our list of the top 10 best Gusto integrated applications in 2021 to help you make managing your business a breeze.

The Top 10 Gusto Integrations of 2021


Freshbooks Gusto integration

FreshBooks is a popular accounting and payroll software for businesses of all sizes, even freelancers and contractors. FreshBooks automates time tracking and invoicing to take the stress out of managing your expenses. With Gusto integration, payroll and expenses are automatically synced to your account, no need to manually enter information—plus Gusto customers get a discount on their first three months!

Time Tracking

Homebase Gusto integration

Homebase is an employee scheduling and time tracking software. When you integrate your Homebase account with Gusto, you can sync employee hours, time off, and overtime with your payroll. You can also import employees and export timesheets directly into Gusto. Learn more about how Gusto integration with Homebase can help your business.

Point of Sale

Shopify Gusto integration

One of the most widely used e-commerce applications is Shopify, a system that ties both your online and in-person points of sale together. Shopify lets you create and build your business online with tools like online store setup, sales channels and email marketing. With a Gusto integration, you can streamline your payroll by syncing your Shopify users from your POS directly with your Gusto account. If you join Gusto from Shopify, you can get your first three months free!


Brandly Gusto Integration

Brandly is an easy way to get business cards for your whole team, no matter how small or large your business is. Take the hassle out of ordering business cards for each of your employees by streamlining the process in one free and easy to use online portal. When you sync your Gusto account with Brandly, you can [order business cards]( for your employees and get them printed online, fast and simple!

Business Operations

Trainual Gusto Integration

One of the top applications for business operations is Trainual, a software developed for managing your company’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and employee onboarding. Choose a monthly plan to utilize tools like templates and quizzes to get your employees up to speed on all your policies. When you integrate your Trainual account with Gusto, you can easily sync employee information and make sure everyone has access to updated company documents.

Business Insights and Analytics

PeopleLogic Gusto Integration

When it comes to managing your team and monitoring employee productivity, is a great resource. The app collects insights and information about the people on your team and provides analytical data about employee performance so your managers can be better leaders. Sync your Peoplelogic account with Gusto to automatically import all your employees’ information. If you are interested in using Gusto, you can join from Peoplelogic, to get your first three months free!

Performance Management

15Five Gusto Integration

One of the highest rated Gusto integrated applications is a performance management solution called 15five. 15five is a software developed to help you access information about your employees through surveys, performance reviews, and OKRs to develop more effective managers and better employee performance. With a Gusto integration, you can be sure that all of your employee information is synced and always up to date.


WiseHire Gusto Integration

Recruiting and hiring new employees can often be a frustrating experience for some business owners. Luckily, WizeHire makes it easier to post job openings and sort through candidates in one simple platform to find the best fit for your business. When you are looking to grow your team, WizeHire integrates with Gusto to sync onboarding and payroll information for new hires. If you join Gusto from WizeHire, you can get three months free.


Brex Gusto Integration

Looking to break away from restraints of the traditional banking experience? Say hello to Brex, an online financial operating system built for the next generation of businesses. Brex is an all-in-one banking solution that provides businesses with accounts, credit cards, expense tracking, and rewards. Plus, Brex integrates with your Gusto account to sync your payroll and expense management. As an incentive, Brex customers get half off their first year with Gusto AND a 20k rewards bonus if you integrate with your Gusto account in the first three months.

Expense Management

Expensify Gusto Integration

Many businesses need a simple and easy way to track expenses. Expensify lets you automate and sync your accounting with easy to use features like receipt scanning and credit card import. Expensify offers multiple pricing options and a wide variety of integrations with other accounting and HR software, like Gusto. When you integrate your account with Gusto, you can automatically import employees and create expense accounts—and get three months free when you sign up.

The Takeaway

Running a business is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Integrating your business software with Gusto is just one of the many ways you can simplify your life and leave the headaches of managing your business behind. At Brandly, we think there are always easier ways to get things done, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Gusto to make ordering business cards for your team fast and simple. No matter what your business needs are, large or small, Gusto integrations make it easy to take control of your business.