How to Add or Change an Email Signature in Gmail

How to Add or Change an Email Signature in Gmail

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It is well known that email signatures powerful marketing and branding tools. Just like business cards, email signatures are a must for any business that wants to look like a professional and legitimate option. Email signatures are the perfect opportunity to better connect with prospects and customers–using images, links, social media, and promotions–and are also the best way to brand every email you send. Email signatures can be a precious growth tool and they are so simple to implement, especially on Gmail!

Whether you’ve never used an email signature before, or you need to update your existing one and can’t remember how, we’ve got you covered

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How to change a Gmail signature

Step 1

Open a web browser window and log in to your Gmail account. Click on the gear icon to open up your settings.

Gmail signature step 1

Step 2

Click See all settings to open up additional options.

Gmail signature step 2

Step 3

Scroll down in the General tab to the bottom until you see the Signature setting

Gmail signature step 3

Step 4

To change an existing Gmail signature, copy your personalized email signature and paste it into the text field. (Control+V on a PC, or Command+V on a Mac).

If you need to create a signature, check our free Gmail signature generator >

To edit the name of the signature, click the pencil icon next to the name.

TIP: If you use multiple signatures, make sure the names are unique to each one.

Gmail signature step 4

Step 5

To set your new signature as your default, click the dropdown menu and select your signature name. If you want your signature to appear every time you reply to or forward an email, select it in the second dropdown menu.

Gmail signature step 5

Step 6

The last step is to scroll all the way to the bottom again and make sure you click the Save Changes button.

Gmail signature step 6

You’re all set! Your new email signature will now automatically appear at the bottom of each new email you write.

How to add a signature to Gmail

Gmail makes it easy to add and manage multiple email signatures right within Gmail settings. Adding an email signature to your Gmail can be done in two ways:

  1. Text based signatures: Using Gmail text editor
  2. HTML signatures: Using an email signature generator

To create a text-based Gmail signature simply follow the steps below and type your information in the text area.

  1. In the top right, click Settings > See all settings
  2. In the “Signature” section, add your signature text in the box.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Here’s a text-based email signature created for Linda Bergman that you can copy and use in your Gmail:

Linda Bergman
VP Marketing

T: (323) 222.2222
E: [email protected]

Looks clean. However, text-based email signatures don’t look nearly as professional as an HTML custom branded Gmail signature.

With Brandly’s free email signature generator, you can create a personalized signature that will work as a marketing tool for your brand. Creating and installing your free professional email signature into your Gmail takes just a couple of minutes.

Here’s a second email signature created for Linda, but this time, using Brandly’s email signature free tool:

Gmail signatures example

We hope you found this resource for adding or changing your email signature in Gmail useful. Give our free email signature generator a try and create your unique personal signature now!

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