Why Use a QR Code on Your Business Cards

Why Use a QR Code on Your Business Cards

Every business and professional needs business cards they can offer potential clients interested in their products and services. Your business card should quickly and effectively connect those clients to your company. A QR code business card bridges the gap between physical cards and digital platforms. At Brandly, we provide the fastest and easiest business card ordering solution for teams of all sizes and leverage modern technologies like QR codes.

4 Reasons Why You Should Add A QR Code to Your Business Cards

QR codes are simple and easily scannable codes that prompt specific actions. The code can open a website, send a message, save a contact to a phonebook, or open a social media page. You can also send users to downloadable resources. Modern smartphones can scan QR codes from cards and other sources, including your website, eBooks, and product labels. Here are four reasons why you should use business cards with QR codes:

1. Provide More Information

Brandly provides an innovative print portal where you can upload your brand’s business card template for your co-workers to order on-brand cards quickly and easily. We know your design doesn’t always have enough room to feature everything you want to share. A standard business card is 3.5 x 2 inches so it can only feature a limited amount of information about your company — adding a QR code offers a great solution to expand what your card can convey to colleagues, customers, or partners. The code provides access to other websites and social media pages.

Your card recipients will have instant access to information about your business, brand, and online platforms. QR codes require a small space on your business cards and can link to resourceful pages with more room for promotions and service/product descriptions. Brandly can help you integrate easily scannable QR codes that lead to optimized pages, portals, or resources. We also help your team members order cards that are both beautiful and consistent with your brand that your prospects will actually hold on to.

2. Easy Information Editing/Updating

Traditional business cards don’t provide any chance for editing the information. You’ll need to print new cards with the updated information and supply them to targeted prospects. QR codes give you more freedom over what information you can provide your clients. The codes open specific pages or applications like the phonebook, messenger, or social media apps. You can access and edit the landing page anytime without replacing the cards.

At Brandly, we provide a convenient solution you can access remotely to edit, order, and get professional business cards delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our platform allows you to access and edit what your code will prompt whenever someone scans it. Easy information editing keeps your clients updated about the latest promotions, products, and services. You can also program the codes for notices and specific messages. We’ll help you repurpose the code for different outcomes.

3. Track Leads & Engagements

Effectively tracking the success of your business cards is a challenge when dealing with conventional designs. QR codes are easy to track, so you can analyze how your cards perform. Business cards can help you get business and improve the bottom line. QR codes enable you to track how effective the cards are and how different groups engage. You can track leads using your QR codes from when they scan it to the final engagement.

Tracking business cards and engagements can help you identify lead sources and patterns. You can also evaluate the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns and business cards. Brandly helps your team order premium business cards and integrate quality QR codes for your landing pages and resources. Whether you’re promoting a new deal or looking for new social media subscribers, we’ll help you program your codes to the desired outcome.

4. Convenient Call to Action

All business marketing and advertising campaigns are about the call to action. You may need new subscribers to your newsletter or social platforms. Other calls to action showcase your product/service portfolio. You can also use business cards to share your phone number, website, and other resources. Adding a QR code makes your calls to action easily accessible to clients. A simple scan of the code is more convenient than typing your URL or business name.

QR codes drive action and increase the chances of follow-ups. Modern customers have advanced smartphones and favor technology above traditional tedious processes. Using QR codes in your business cards will increase engagement and direct users to the landing pages and applications. Brandly will help your team order custom cards with QR codes that spark curiosity and effective codes that launch the programmed destination swiftly.

Designing Your QR Code Business Card

The QR code can help you leverage technology and connect physical resources to online platforms. You can share more information, encourage engagement, and increase the convenience of accessing your business. The challenge is to create an ordering process that makes it easy for your team to get the cards they need in a timely manner. QR codes won’t be helpful if your team isn’t adding them to their cards.

We can help you implement the perfect QR code business card for your clients. Brandly specializes in helping businesses implement QR codes for their business cards using the latest technology. You can upload PDFs, leverage online templates, edit your designs, and order cards remotely. Our platform and teams are optimized for efficiency, convenience, flexibility, and affordability.