How to Display Instagram on Business Cards

How to Display Instagram on Business Cards

When it comes to building brand awareness, one thing is for certain: businesses need a social media presence. It’s important to build trust with your consumer, and Instagram continues to stake its claim as one of the most powerful tools in social media marketing. From attracting potential customers and cultivating long-term relationships to demonstrating industry expertise, Instagram offers endless benefits for your business.

Adding an Instagram (and any other social media platform) icon and handle to business cards is a great way to drive prospects and leads to your social profiles, which can help generate revenue for your business. But what’s the best way to present social media information from a design perspective?

In this article you’ll learn how to display Instagram information on business cards (or any other social media), which format may be the best for your brand, and discover some of the most inspirational designs from amazing designers around the world.

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After analyzing 100 business cards that share social media information, we came up with the following popularity results for how designers choose to display Instagram information on business cards:

  • @handle → @brandlyinc: 50% popularity
  • Icon + username → icon brandlyinc: 23% popularity


  • Instagram: @handle → Instagram: @brandlyinc
  • URL →

Instagram on business cards

These results show that at least 50% of designers choose to display their Instagram information on business cards simply using the @handle.

Usable Instagram Elements

Below are some key terms we will reference in regards to the Instagram elements available for your business card design. These are the Instagram logo, your handle, your username, your URL, your profile name and a nametag.

Instagram elements on business cards

Instagram logo (icon)

The Instagram logo is an instantly recognizable element when combined with other social media information. This visual icon lets people know where to find you online. Many popular business card designs feature the logo along with a username, handle, URL, or profile name.

The handle

A handle refers to the public name that you’re using on a social media platform. For Instagram, this is an @ symbol followed by your unique username. Including an Instagram handle on your business card will make it easy for your clients to find and follow your account.


A username is the name you sign into your account with. For Instagram, your username is the same as your handle without the @ symbol and also appears at the end of your URL. If you’re including an Instagram logo on your business card, you can follow it with just your username, rather than the entire handle.


Instagram may be a popular mobile social media app, but you can also access the platform from a browser. In this situation, the URL would be

Profile name

Your profile name is also your display name, and can be used to find you on Instagram. For instance, this might be your first and last name or the name of your business and will appear on your public profile.

Examples of Instagram on Business Cards

We have collected a few samples of how other designers used Instagram elements on a business card. Feel free to use these to inspire your own design.

The @handle

Instagram on business cards

Image Source: Leah Wolff Design

The @handle is one of the most popular ways to display Instagram information on a business card. The plus side of this option is that it’s simple and minimal. An @handle is a professional looking way to share your social media link. The downside is that you can’t assume everyone who sees a business card is tech-savvy and knows the handle is associated with Instagram. There are others, like Twitter, that also use the @handle.

Icon + Username

Instagram on business cards

Image Source: Pitu Studio for Over the Moon

Another way to show an Instagram username on a business card is displaying it next to the icon. This is the second most common method designers use. The advantage of this design is that the Instagram icon is highly-recognizable so no one will have any problems understanding what it represents. The disadvantage is that if you use an icon for Instagram, you would need to use one for any other social media sites to keep the design consistent.

Tip: Look for an icon or glyph design that fits with your brand.


Instagram on business cards

Image Source: Rick Hyde for personal branding

The Instagram URL is another option, though less frequently used. The benefit of a URL is that it will lead people to directly to your profile without having to filter through a search by name. However, you may run into issues with space as including the entire URL will be much longer than just having your username. Also, if typed incorrectly, the URL will not work.

Tip: If you have a long username, try using a URL shortener, like

Other Examples of Instagram on Business Cards

Instagram on business cards

Image Source: Designed by Devika Gupta for personal banding

Some designers choose to use variations on the Instagram name to display their social media username. This one uses the abbreviation “INSTA.” With no other social profiles to compete with, this design makes it easy to identify the use of an Instagram username.

Instagram on business cards

Image Source: Judith Jaros design for personal branding

Another shortened version of the Instagram name, this designer simply uses an “i”. This design is straightforward and consistent because the same single letter abbreviation is used throughout. It is also a space-conscious way to display an Instagram handle on a vertical business card.

Instagram on business cards

Image Source: ADM Creative Studio via Etsy

In case you can’t choose just one element for your Instagram, why not use them all? This creative example from ADM Studio mimics the look of a personal profile page and uses all the elements of Instagram for a business card design.

Instagram on business cards

Image Source: Francisca Irene for personal branding

A simple @handle layout is a great fit for a simple design. In some cases, too many icons or too much information may take away from the aesthetic of a business card.

Instagram on business cards

Image source: Unifikat Design Studio designed these business cards for Wizu

This colorful design keeps the information straightforward by using the Instagram name next to the profile handle for quick reference.

Instagram on business cards

Image source: Pistachio Press

This card showcases a bright design and has the same username for all of the contact information, including email, Instagram, and web address. If your social media usernames are all identical, you may consider keeping your business card design concise—sometimes less is more.

Instagram Nametag

The nametag is a social media tool that works like a QR Code. It allows people to follow you by instantly directing them to your page when they scan an image with their smartphone camera. It’s another great feature that you can implement to visually promote your business.

Instagram Nametags on business cards

The Instagram nametag has recently gained popularity over the last few years. The benefit of using a nametag is that it’s the quickest way to direct leads to your Instagram profile. Anyone who already has an Instagram account can start following you with one scan. The downside is that it can only be used with the Instagram camera from the app, so those who don’t have an account won’t be able to use it.

Some designs even include instructions on how to scan a nametag code, which may be helpful for some potential customers who may not be familiar with Instagram.

Instagram on business cards

Image source: YungoCards

If you want to learn more about the Instagram nametag, we suggest reading our article on How To Use Instagram Nametags.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to how to display Instagram on your business card, so don’t forget to weigh your options when deciding on the best one for your brand. Choosing the right paper type and business card size is also a key step in getting your design print-ready. And of course—once the design is finalized, choose a business card ordering portal like Brandly to streamline the process.

If you’re a designer, business cards can be a powerful way to market your brand, but also a driver of great revenue for your business. If you’re interested in other ways to start earning passive income for your design business, be sure to check our article Top 5 Passive Income Ideas for Designers.